Compressed Air, Nitrogen & Leak Detection

Our Compressed Air & Nitrogen auditing services are based on engineering and scientific principles, producing the most comprehensive and accurate data analysis in compressed air or Nitrogen management. Focusing on industrial air system supply and demand, U.S. Energy Engineers produces technical reports used for investment confirmation,cost reduction, system efficiency etc.

Compressed Air & Nitrogen Systems

Carbon Footprint & ISO 14001

We provide free initial facility surveys to evaluate areas of high impact, followed by comprehensive assessments. Our final recommendations are in the form of executive reports and large format technical drawings. We offer the following specialized services:

Flow & Power Analysis

We specialize in the following elements:

  1. Compressor performance test
    1. Plant air consumption test
    2. Specific power consumption test on each compressor
    3. Detailed report on findings with recommendations
    4. Report includes (where necessary):
      1. Complete data charts
      2. Analysis of general supply system efficiency
      3. Recommendations to improve supply
      4. System performance and efficiency

Special Applications

Delivered mass flow is measured and recorded, (SCFM)

  • Compressor performance test (FAD - Free air delivery)
  • Delivered pressure to the system is measured and recorded (PSIG)
  • Power consumption of each compressor is measured and recorded (Kwh)
  • Pressure dew point is measured and recorded
  • Installation of pipe markers to meet all of the ANSI standard size and color requirements, in and outdoors
  • Blower and low pressure equipment analysis
  • Vacuum system analysis