Commercial Buildings

Understanding the energy dynamics of commercial buildings can be challenging. Our services are suited to evaluate and recommend changes necessary to reduce running costs or to optimize building performance. We work with architects and engineers to evaluate and simulate energy performance of new construction during the building design process. We also audit and analyze energy systems of existing commercial buildings, and determine least-cost solutions to reduce cost and energy utility.

Commercial building energy management

We provide initial building surveys for existing commercial buildings to evaluate areas of high impact, followed by comprehensive assessments. For new construction, we complement design teams and construction companies understand and simulate predicted energy performance and costs.

Solutions for new construction

U.S. Energy Engineers provides expert services in analyzing the predicted performance of new commercial buildings. We analyze HVAC, airflow, lighting and other energy systems in commercial buildings using state-of-the-art computer software. This type of analysis takes the guesswork out of energy optimization. Our work for new commercial buildings enables building owners and construction teams avoid expensive future changes. We model how specific equipment will perform under different situations, and also recommend on the best alternatives. We can also model and recommend design changes in insulation, windows, building materials etc. Where necessary, we also design distributed electric generation using micro-turbines, solar or wind. Our energy control design capabilities enable us to design and integrate energy management systems into new commercial buildings.


Solutions for existing buildings

Our experience in auditing existing commercial buildings enables to quickly identify, analyze and optimize any type and age of commercial building. We work with commercial building management companies, facility managers, construction companies and owners who aim to reduce costs and optimize energy performance. We evaluate the performance and economic viability of equipment and recommend the best least-cost alternatives. Whether it is HVAC, lighting or the building envelope, U.S. Energy Engineers ensures accuracy and unbiased recommendations.

We also work with investment teams, banks, lenders and other interested parties that want to accurately determine the bill of health of energy systems of multi-storey buildings or larger facilities. Our energy benchmarking process is used by clients with multi locations throughout the United States, to evaluate which locations need improvement, and to prioritize energy projects. We also calculate and certify commercial buildings for the Energy Policy Act (2005) where commercial building owners/renters can take advantage of federal tax deductions for efficient energy upgrades. These tax deductions are also available for new construction placed into service after Jan 1 2006.