Demand Side Management

U.S. Energy Engineers assists utilities and other program administrators design, implement, manage, administrate and evaluate demand-side management (DSM) incentive programs and public funded energy efficiency programs. Our strategy combines all aspects of DSM programs that merge energy efficiency and demand response to better control the supply side, mitigating the uncertainty and risk in today's energy business.

DSM Program Design, Planning and Implementation

We design DSM programs that efficiently manage customers' energy use and demand, augment supply, and control utility costs. We use a structured system known as ENERGYMETRICS® to determine parameters, plan concepts and design implementation. The demand management initiatives delivered through utilities and public agencies may target specific high consuming customer base (or territories), and perform various baseline performance indicator studies. This baseline determination is followed by a Demand response and Utility resource risk assessment that includes Power demand and Economic sustainability assessments. Program implementation design combines Position Reports and Market Allowances.

Our comprehensive program design and implementation services encompass:

  • Targeted service territory load determination
  • Targeted Service territory energy efficiency potential analysis
  • Program design
  • Program cost and benefit analysis
  • Program energy efficiency
  • Application processing and due diligence review
  • Project quality and Economic stability calculations
  • Measurement and verification design and control
  • Reporting (Emissions, load obligations etc)
  • Program Implementation and Evaluation

Our program design capabilities involve market analysis, site inspections, and assessing alternatives to traditional transmission and/or distribution infrastructure improvements. We work with clients to assess whether distributed energy resources can be implemented sufficient quantity and at low-enough cost to defer capital investments associated with expanding its infrastructure. Our consultants, engineers, program managers, and analysts provide the full range of skills needed to assess market conditions as well as design and implement programs tailored to meet individual clients' needs.