Energy Economics Analytics

U.S. Energy Engineers assists larger organizations and utility companies with their risk management of their energy portfolios. Exposure to energy prices, load variations and weather risks can lead to unregulated hedging. Coupled with carbon control and its impact on electricity markets, more and more companies require assistance in integrating generation planning, portfolio prices and managing risk. We can help.

To better understand the energy environment of each service territory, we apply specific economic principles that enable us to verify program design. We work with energy economic scenarios that utilize a variety of benefit/cost tests. We collaborate closely with clients to provide solutions for Governments, power utilities, energy producers, oil & gas companies and energy end-users. We perform the following broad-based economic analyses:

  • Portfolio Management - using stochastic analysis to measure, track, and analyze portfolio performance
  • Hedging Analysis - examination of portfolio hedging decisions
  • Asset Valuation - assumptions on electricity and fuel prices, emissions regulations and markets
  • Operational & Environmental Planning - determination of outage schedules and projected revenues, costs and margins
  • Carbon Management - simulations of market prices for carbon and generation for asset valuation and position management that consists of generation assets, power & fuel contracts
  • Sensitivity analyses - evaluation of scenarios to assess operations, energy sales or energy impact on capital expenditure

We produce these specialized reports among others:

  • Production and O&M - including cycling and dispatch, fuels & emissions, generation capacity factors and outages and overhauls
  • Position reports - including generation, emission, load obligations, Spot sales and purchase of power, fuels and emission allowances, and net positions and percentage hedged
  • Asset valuations - including generation and contracts, Wholesale & retail and real options verification
  • Energy Financial Statements
  • Energy Profit & Loss Statements