Energy Education

U.S. Energy Engineers uses experienced and qualified trainers to create unique training sessions for specialized topics. From certified Master Technicians to Ph.D experts, we have a full complement of staff that has credentials to train any group size. From simple provision of literature, to conducting on-site seminars, or to conducting full classroom sessions, we can take care of the entire energy training process.

Energy training capabilities

U.S. Energy Engineers is uniquely placed to provide key energy training sessions to complement our various services to our clients. With the knowledge that our company does not sell or promote a single product other than our service, we provide an unbiased view when providing training. Organizations find this element of impartiality important because employees will be trained to gain a 'true' picture of their energy status. We work with our clients' preference to provide on-site or off-site energy training sessions.

Training is usually very important when employee energy behavior-change is necessary. To gain maximum benefits from our various services (especially in audits), we recommend that training sessions are done so that employees and/or maintenance teams can:

  • understand the relevance and cost implications of the energy service provided by U.S. Energy Engineers,
  • understand what specific role they play in continuing to be more energy efficient,
  • become more involved and promote energy efficiency throughout the organization, and
  • teach others on being more energy efficient, and where appropriate, initiate corrective action in energy waste situations

Where necessary, we can develop tailor-made training sessions or energy syllabus development. We can also provide all energy training materials if organizations wish to conduct sessions internally. Please contact us for special requests.

Below is a selection of some of the energy training sessions we conduct:

  • Compressed Air Management - On-site training for maintenance teams on the cost disadvantages of compressed air leaks. Also involves how to develop a maintenance program for managing and controlling air leaks
  • Lighting - Training management teams on the cost advantages of having a proper lighting program. Especially for 24hr operations, this session may include awareness initiatives plant-wide.
  • Train a trainer - Training trainers to become leaders in advancing energy efficiency programs is important. We can train internal lead persons to become the point-persons for either reducing energy utility or during attainment of certification (such as ISO 14001).
  • Energy Training Manuals - We can develop specialized manuals on how to be more efficient in reducing energy consumption, reducing waste etc, tailor-made for each organization. With our auditing capabilities, we can determine the elements needed to target for the highest returns. We also develop posters and other energy awareness material for each organization.