Lighting Exterior Design

Our exterior lighting capabilities enable us to perform complex designs and calculations. Our capabilities enable us to work on various exterior projects such as roadway and parking lots lighting design. Our work can extend from performing simple lighting optimization to calculating future lighting performance.

Exterior Lighting

U.S. Energy Engineers can perform a variety of exterior lighting projects that span from new construction design to performance optimization. We can analyze luminance (fc or lux) of Horizontal, Vertical, Variable axes. Luminous existence (lms) from surfaces and specification of Lighting Power Density can be done, including luminance calculations in rendered pseudo color where needed. Specific areas of our exterior lighting work also in addition to our exterior lighting capabilities, and these areas are shown below:

For Sporting facilities we can determine TV luminance and CIE Glare Rating. Where required, we conduct accurate uniformity gradient and coefficient variance determination. Aiming diagrams can also be generated.

For Roadway design, we also add Pavement luminance analysis [IES, CIE, CIE-AS methods]. Also, specialized tests such as Veiling Luminance & Small Target Visibility (STV) can be done.

For Daylighting projects, we perform Daylight Factor (DF) calculations, automatic LEED 2.1 criteria and luminous existence from surfaces.