Healthcare & Hospitals

U.S. Energy Engineers optimizes energy utility in new and existing hospitals and other healthcare buildings to help decision makers link energy management to business goals. We assist hospitals reduce operating costs by adopting strategic energy management plans, changing their energy-related business practices and apply best practices in energy management in their facilities.

Healthcare & Hospital energy solutions

U.S. Energy Engineers works with hospital executives and facility managers to become aware of energy management opportunities in their facilities. We also assist management teams to create business cases for energy management equipment capitalization. Our work enables specialized development of strategic energy management plans that benchmark hospital campuses and assess energy related business practices.

Understanding that hospitals have complex energy systems, we optimize retrofit projects or new construction by our unique modeling sequences. For existing hospitals, we make strategic recommendations to reduce energy utility using least-cost alternatives. When introducing energy-saving measures, we encourage establishment of energy management programs, along with appointment of an energy manager. A well-managed energy management program in hospitals enables correct decisions to be taken, gives the appropriate feedback from currently implemented measures and initiates the implementation of new measures.

U.S. Energy Engineers assists hospitals design, prioritize and implement energy efficiency measures to understand their cost-effectiveness. We focus on specific areas such as building envelope, HVAC, lighting etc. For hospitals that want to evaluate and map their carbon footprint, we can perform comprehensive calculations.