Industrial Facilities

U.S. Energy Engineers uses advanced tools and capabilities to audit, evaluate and recommend energy solutions for industry. We work on building and process systems to identify areas of opportunity, supported by experienced engineers. Our recommmendations are based on a least-cost approach in terms of capitalization and implementation. And knowing that U.S. Energy Engineers does not sell nor promote any product, clients understand that we are unbiased in our approach.

Industrial facility energy solutions

U.S. Energy Engineers is experienced in optimizing energy in industrial facilities. We work in a variety of sub-sectors, which include manufacturing, chemical, iron & steel, logistics and transportation, assembly and packaging to name a few. In fact, we work with any industry that seeks to reduce energy utility and costs.

Our approach is unique because we use advanced analysis tools to evaluate existing energy systems. Once we understand the nature of current systems, we simulate, model, calculate and determine the applicability of alternative energy reducing strategies. This enables certainty of how proposed systems will work before they are implemented. This reduces costs, time and guess-work.


Solutions for industry

We have audit and inspection capabilities that enable us to process and evaluate current building and process systems. Having a deep understanding of energy economic and analytic capabilities, we can accurately calculate implications of energy utility, and the impact of proposed changes. We are also experienced in re-designing necessary design changes when making recommendations.

Our industrial solutions cover a wide range of applications. Our compressed air & nitrogen services detect and calculate system losses, and optimize utility on the supply side. Our energy modeling sequences simulate various energy performance criteria for lighting, airflow, HVAC and equipment during the conceptual or design stages. We perform accurate and comprehensive EPAct calculations and certifications for buildings, and provide design recommendations for clients to achieve certification. Energy education seminars and specific courses can be designed and taught to maintenance teams and management so that an energy efficient culture can be maintained. We have expertise in HVAC and Lighting design. We specialize in the following industrial audits:

  • Steam Audits
  • Electrical (thermography/infrared) Audits
  • Compressed Air/Nitrogen system Audits
  • Lighting Audits
  • Motor Audits
  • Process systems Audits