Leak Control


Compressed Air, Nitrogen & Leak Detection

Our Compressed Air & Nitrogen auditing services are based on engineering and scientific principles, producing the most comprehensive and accurate data analysis in compressed air or Nitrogen management. Focusing on industrial air system supply and demand, U.S. Energy Engineers produces technical reports used for investment confirmation, cost reduction, system efficiency etc.

Compressed Air & Nitrogen Systems

We provide free initial facility surveys to evaluate areas of high impact, followed by comprehensive assessments. Our final recommendations are in the form of executive reports and large format technical drawings. We offer the following specialized services:

Leak Control & Management

Leaks usually represent the most energy cost losses in large industrial facilities today. When you can hear an air leak, it usually represents a large amount of money that it lost every year. U.S. Energy Engineers provides the most comprehensive leak management program available today. We produce sophisticated compressed air system mapping (in CAD); even if there are current prints or CAD layout. Our engineers will perform the following elements for each compressed air system:

  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Air leak tagging & location plotting
  • Detailed analytic report indicating:
    1. Loss quantification & econometrics
    2. Detailed leak location and tag profile
    3. System mechanical drawings (CAD)
    4. Recommendations to improve demand efficiency

The table below shows the effect of reducing air leaks and provision of system controls. U.S. Energy Engineers provide all system re-design and optimization where necessary.

Effect of Leaks in a compressed air system
Inefficient system Efficient system Efficient plus controls
Process demand* 1,500 cfm 1,200 cfm
Demand reduction 300 cfm (20%)
Power 259 kW 243.5 kW 206.9 kW
Dynamic efficiency 5.8 cfm/kW 4.9 cfm/kW 5.8 cfm/kW
Annual energy cost* $108,780 $102,270 $86,898
Net savings $6,510 (6%) $21,882 (20%)
*Example system at 90 psi and $0.05/kWh