U.S. Energy Engineers performs industrial lighting assessments that are highly detailed technical evaluations, providing precise performance and economic data on light systems. Our lighting analyses evaluate current systems versus various alternatives using advanced energy analytic software to perform lighting simulations and modeling.

Lighting Analysis

Our lighting services include analysis, design and optimization of distribution, appearance and effects of light in a building from both daylight and artificial sources. We model systems in high detail using advanced ray-tracing techniques. U.S. Energy Engineers establishes levels of day-lighting even in the most complex spaces. Potential causes of glare can also be identified – ensuring visual comfort is not compromised by the introduction of daylight. Photo-realistic images of a very high quality can be provided, enabling designs to be shown exactly how the space will actually appear under a specific day/artificial lighting scheme. This is particularly useful in the design of artificial lighting systems – internal and external – where traditional lighting design calculations do not provide the level of performance information required to get the design right first time.


We perform the following lighting services:

  • Current system light plot
  • Light system Re-design
  • Photometric & system modeling
  • Exterior Lighting
  • 3D Lighting Simulation
  • Daylight analysis
  • Lighting controls

In addition to the services above, we also provide lighting calculations and certifications for EPAct. We produce detailed analytic reports that indicate power consumption, econometrics and evaluations of existing light profiles versus re-designed profiles.