Public Infrastructure

U.S. Energy Engineers performs accurate energy evaluations and assessments of public facilities. We work with public officials and managers to develop workable energy solutions that result in significant reductions in energy utility. We specialize in electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer energy optimization.

Public Infrastructural energy solutions

U.S. Energy Engineers works with Mayors, town managers and other officials of public buildings to take on the special challenges they face when it comes to instituting energy efficiency measures. They know that municipal buildings, public works headquarters, police departments, schools and other public facilities do not always use energy most efficiently. U.S. Energy Engineers will audit and optimize and design new lighting and lighting controls, HVAC equipment, windows and other upgrades that would substantially lower heating and electricity costs for these entities.

We can assist in creating Energy Master Plans that incorporate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into a larger effort, to ensure reliability and affordability of energy supply consistent with targeted environmental needs. We help set specific energy efficiency goals. Our assistance in developing Energy Master Plans enables us to structure projections for energy reduction goals for departments and agencies within public entities.

Understanding that there are State purchasing policies that require life-cycle cost and energy efficiency determination, we can help in assessing whether the purchase of an energy-related good or service represents the best value for the State. For those public buildings that seek U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating, we evaluate the energy efficiency and energy utility of buildings occupied by state agencies, departments, universities, and community colleges. We also evaluate energy systems to ensure that all new construction and renovations of state buildings, including state-leased buildings, strive to be energy compliant at the LEED certification to Platinum levels, and on the Existing Building, New Construction levels. We can also verify other energy-related specifications concerning departmental energy-use, carbon tracking, recycling and agency energy coordination.

U.S. Energy Engineers is also committed to educating government and educational institutions about the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficiency. We promote the use and teaching of strategic energy efficient methodologies in training schools and government agencies. We can work with public agencies to develop specialized energy education strategies for employees and professionals.