Retail & Supermarket Solutions

We have specialized retail & supermarket teams that focus on department stores, supermarkets, apparel, hardware stores, restaurants and others. We optimize energy systems for new construction or existing buildings. Our expertise in such areas as refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and energy modeling and others enable expert analysis of a single building to multi locations.

Structured Retail energy strategies

U.S. Energy Engineers brings a unique multi-disciplined approach to energy utility for the retail sector. Our engineers, mechanical professionals, and energy experts have been very successful at identifying a broader landscape for energy savings in lighting, building automation controls and more. U.S. Energy Engineers is establishing new and improved methodologies on applying advanced engineering principles to understand and optimize retail energy utility. We bring a hands-on, technical approach to energy analysis for the commercial sector, resulting in strategic energy management those impacts directly to a company’s P&L.

U.S. Energy Engineers specializes in optimizing, designing and verifying energy utility specifically for retailers. We put the science into retail energy assessments to reduce guesswork. Our experience in the energy optimization and analysis of supermarkets, general merchandise, restaurants and others enable us to be well positioned to complete highly detailed projects for a variety of clients. We have worked with large multi-location supermarket chains to develop various energy analyses and designs. Some areas of our specialization include lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, energy modeling and EPAct certifications.

Why we are unique

U.S. Energy Engineers has Retail Teams whose sole purpose is to work on retail energy projects. Our Retail Teams are composed of experienced engineers and technical professionals, and their primary focus is on energy efficiency activities associated with retail markets. These specialized teams enable U.S. Energy Engineers to deliver highly accurate energy analysis not available elsewhere in industry today. Our Retail Teams work on the following activities among others:

  • We develop entire multi-location energy utility tracking mechanisms. These mechanisms allow accurate local and corporate tracking of electrical and natural gas usage of specific buildings. Additionally, we can determine building area (sales, office etc) energy utility specific to costs comparisons, utility per ft2 etc. Analytic determinations can be made, and energy efficiency activities planned around results.
  • Layout drawings - Some retail clients have locations that have no CAD drawings, or existing drawings are not accurate. U.S. Energy Engineers’ Retail Teams re-measure or even draw the entire facility/store/supermarket from scratch using high tech methodologies.
  • Lighting - Our Retail Team plots and documents every specific location of all lighting fixtures accurately in each building. With this layout, we can run detailed lighting analyses that will enable us to evaluate and calculate different lighting strategies.
  • Energy Modeling – We can model the impact of refrigeration, lighting, heating, cooling and how this affects energy costs. Different strategies of lowering running costs can be analyzed, and the most cost-effective one chosen unique to that location. Our Retail Teams can perform more advanced modeling sequences where needed, such as air flow simulations to further understand air exchanges and effect of equipment.
  • We can determine how efficient installed HVAC systems are, and which least-cost strategies can be employed. Together with our energy modeling capabilities, we can accurately simulate existing conditions versus proposed designs. This may have significant cost savings, particularly invalidating installations that may not work.
  • We certify retail buildings for Energy Policy Act 2005 (EPAct) tax deductions. Our understanding of the retail sector enables us to produce highly technical reports and certifications. These reports may also serve to clarify areas of energy inefficiency in a retail facility, and may chart the way for energy upgrades.

No Guesswork

U.S. Energy Engineers takes pride in that it eliminates the guesswork out of energy analysis for retail buildings. Accuracy is very important in determining how energy efficient you would like to be. It is impossible to plan for an energy efficient future with an incorrect baseline. This is why our approach is popular among retailers – we are accurate. We use highly technical approaches to our work, and we are always upgrading our technology to take advantage of the latest advances. We are capable of analyzing multiple locations, and even corporate-wide.