Our services span many industries and clients that seek to implement energy efficiency strategies. Our advanced teams of engineers design, optimize and strategically reduce energy consumption in industrial, retail, commercial, health, public and other sectors. We take pride in that we do not sell or represent a single product, we only give unbiased analyses of energy systems.

Commercial Buildings

Whether commercial buildings are single storey or high rise buildings, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate energy performance. We conduct assessments and analysis of existing buildings or new construction, from banks to multi-storey office complexes.

Education Facilities

We conduct specialized assessments, analysis and optimization of university campuses and other education facilities. Our services are focused on all aspects of energy optimization and control including HVAC management, lighting, energy control systems etc.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Specialized energy control and management is critical in reducing energy consumption in hospitals & other healthcare facilities. We understand energy benchmarking for this sector, and can evaluate the performance and cost impact of lighting, HVAC, airflow etc.

Industrial Facilities

From optimizing process systems, building performance, and air quality, to re-designing entire systems to reduce energy costs, we are an obvious choice to industry. We provide a variety of unique capabilities such as supply & demand compressed-air system management, industrial energy education and building air-flow management.

Public Infrastructure

We have experience in working with local governmental facilities, including City and State projects. We work on public office complexes, water and waste facilities etc., focusing on building performance and process systems. We also design and optimize street lighting for municipalities.

Retail & Supermarkets

We have specialized retail & supermarket teams that focus on retail chains, supermarkets & C-stores, hardware stores, restaurants, fast-food outlets and others. We optimize energy systems for new construction or existing buildings. Our expertise in such areas as refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and energy modeling and others enable expert analysis of a single building to multi locations.


We provide expert mining energy services in improving exploration techniques, raising the energy efficiency of the drilling, excavation, extraction, ventilation processes and improving the energy efficiency of the grinding, crushing, milling, pumping, rolling, and smelting processes.


We work with utilities to provide a variety of DSM responses in specific markets. Our understanding of energy economics and DSM management means that we can complement utility companies in systematic implementation strategy development. We also provide expert utility audit services, such as infrastructural infrared/thermal imaging ad reporting.


U.S. Energy Engineers provides other energy solutions for airports, large agricultural facilities, museums, gas and oil facilities, churches, post offices and warehouses.