Steam analysis

U.S. Energy Engineers assists industrial clients to reduce total cost of steam system ownership through improved efficiency. We produce accurate steam system layouts in CAD, calculate and redesign optimum system changes that are required to achieve highest cost and operational efficiency.

Steam Survey and Analysis

Our steam audit services incorporate inventory of equipment and description of identified problems. We focus at recommendations aimed at improving elements that include:

  • Energy/emission losses
  • Steam generation and distribution
  • Engineering practices/correct applications
  • Health & safety
  • Heat recovery/return of condensate

We accurately calculate potential savings (cost of doing nothing) based on:

  • Energy savings
  • Water / effluent costs
  • Production losses (where information is made available). This is based on improved warm up times and reduced downtime by ensuring steam reaches the point of use at the correct quantity, quality and pressure
  • Product rejects (where information is made available) resulting from steam/condensate problems
  • Project cost of analysis
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Our steam survey process is shown below: