Infrared Thermography

U.S. Energy Engineers utilizes the latest equipment available in thermography. We utilize thermal imaging seamlessly in our energy audits, or perform full thermography audits on request. Our engineers will analyze industrial systems using thermal imaging for reduced down time and to help to avert costly failures.Industrial thermal imaging

Industrial thermal imaging

U.S. Energy Engineers provides thermal imaging services as part of our industrial auditing process, and utilizes the technology where necessary. More specifically, this infrared thermography capability is essential in industrial non-destructive preventive maintenance. We use thermal imaging to accurately assess clients’ electrical, mechanical and structural systems, to help detect problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, guide needed corrective action and increase plant safety. This makes it cost-effective for the client, and enables us to deliver highly technical final inspection reports.


Our thermal imaging services are ideal for inspecting rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, motors, bearings, compressors, mechanical drive gas turbines, and conveyor belting to name a few. Our engineers use thermal imaging in combination to other preventive maintenance tools such as vibration analysis and ultrasound. This means that projects will not be analyzed from one point of view, thereby increasing reliability of results. Our understanding of other variables such as ambient temperatures, varying emissivity, or the effects of wind cooling will ensure high accuracy of each thermal imaging project.